No mercy! A post about us…

No mercy! A post about us…

Emotions took over me! I needed time to calm down, stop swearing (my relatives know how well I can do that!) and cool my emotions, let my feelings speak. My mood is still bad, so I believe writing this entry will clear my air a little.

How many times do we hear stories about someone’s failure? They are accompanied by comments: “it’s good for him!”, “She’s to be blamed for her own loss …”, “so he miscalculated…!”. Have you noticed how often they are lined with a note of satisfaction? – after all, somebody’s failure is a great topic to talk about at a party, chatter, jam the silence with gossip, feed your boredom. Then there’s a fake “I don’t wish a bad luck to anyone, but … (I give them the stink eye…)”

People! We’re losing a gigantic amount of energy only to please ourselves with someone’s misfortune for a moment. We don’t think that this approach to others’ failure doesn’t transform in any way into our success. It brings absolutely nothing to our lives!!!

And if all this bad energy would be converted to a desire to offer help, not material, but emotional. If all our negative emotions turned into support, a good, sincere word … If instead of kicking a man while he’s down, we gave him a positive “kick” to rise from the floor, rise to the fight … If we could help each other in searching for solutions, then  focused on our way to where we always wanted to be … We could work miracles together!

We like to remind others about KARMA. We know what goes around comes around. But we don’t want to remember that it can come around to us. We don’t want to notice that our words can work as a knife in somebody’s back. Just reminding 😉

I strongly believe in the law of attraction. I believe that positive thinking evokes positive events, and negative thoughts attract misfortune. That’s why I know that wishing someone bad luck can actually cause it. So why not wishing “all the best” for real? Without a fake between the lines? I wish people stopped looking for defects in others and  started to see values. After all, we are a combination of people we meet on our way and spend time with. The more happiness and prosperity among them, the more good will happen to us too! Hatred haunts hatred, darkness doesn’t drive out darkness. But the light can do that. Let’s try to bring a flashlight where it’s dark. It’s so simple. It is a pity that people don’t like easy solutions.

I’m not trying to moralize others at the moment. I’m also writing to myself. When I write something down, I feel a commitment to draw conclusions. We are “sloganists”, we throw nice slogans to the wind. “I don’t wish a bad luck to anyone” – that’s my favorite one. However, when an asshole overtakes me on a bend I think: “I wonder which tree he ‘s going to crash into,” and then look around as if I was looking for macabre confirmation that I was right!

We are so small

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