Sometimes I feel like killing her!

Sometimes I feel like killing her!


Ewka is nice and polite. Extraordinarily polite and gentle like a lamb. But sometimes, usually on Saturday mornings, she’s like: “don’t even talk to me!”. That’s when she’s really grumpy and throws away her regrets. Of course, she thinks that she reacts only to my “points of thumb” and constant reprimands, but I naturally think completely differently. I do not know why, but all our quarrels take place on Saturdays. Maybe this is the effect of orderly fatigue, or maybe simply for lack of other reasons to worry, we start to look for a provocation.

It is also possible that we naturally clean the atmosphere in this way. If we were the guys, then she would probably talk to me, I would have her, we would throw out all the anger, and then we would have drunk over the beer and it would be a case. The problem is that we are typical babes, that is, when we get winded up, we drill the subject until another important thing prevents us. On Saturdays, our husbands are doing gardening, carrying trees and other male activities, and children usually fly outside. So if only Weronika Ewce does not bother her, she eagerly puts away the broom () and taps me on the phone with her remorse. Of course, I do not remain indebted and do the same. We are getting tired of this cleaning, and our husbands, if they know what is going on, have a good “soup” with us … I’m not surprised, I would only laugh if I had the opportunity to watch our “chat slogans” “. For example, last Saturday the argument started around 10.00 in the morning, and it’s time to clean up my dogs … So I stand at the Hilton’s shed, the left hand in the glove, the shoulder in it, the dog’s leg with the dog’s droppings, the right hand naked, because in her the phone in which I nervously pat my arguments, on my face a grimace, on my lips a silent beam at Ewka’s address (“ku ***, ja pier ****, g ** niara jeden, …”). Marcin would not be himself if he did not comment: “You have something wrong under the dome …” And I immediately wonder if both of them (his and Ewka) shoot in space! The funniest thing though is that before we both get to call and talk, instead of tapping the keyboard (we would do a lot more by holding the phone to the ear, instead of in the hand), we have already passed anger, so the conversation itself is completely devoid of emotion .

As in friendship, anger passes, then we laugh together, although we both have this acrimoniousness in us, which makes us return to the contentious issue at every opportunity and make each other malicious allusions. But this is rather fun than dramatic!


Olka is not a conflict by nature, but likes to get along with others. It does so rather consciously and with pure premeditation. For example, today she commented on my photo (Olka thought she was on it): “God, I was posing so thick for photos.” Case? No, it’s her conscious / unconscious discovery. I disregarded this, because why bother with Sunday, and without that I have many wrinkles. Generally, conflicts between me and Olka rarely occur. Well, maybe since we started the adventure with the blog, the arguments are more frequent. Most often, we burn to each other by fb or sms. It is easier for us to live on ourselves through text messages, because during the conversation one of the other would not let a word come, or politely nod (me), and in my mind she would choke with two hands. Sometimes we do not get along with photos and text content. Olka usually criticizes me and tries to improve me !!! It’s probably some teacher’s syndrome !!! Does it leave her? Differently, because I started to bet. Recently, for example, I WANTED that I have dirty soles on the photo. And how can you withstand it? 🙂 And yet, brazenly in my head, my father is calling me! . During these arguments, Patryk is listening the most. Usually, my loud commentary on her comments is, “God, how she puts me together **** !!!!!!!!”. The best thing is that each of us, until the end, and even after the argument, thinks she was right. Such arguments excite well, especially on Saturday morning.

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  1. Jezeli ludzie szepcza i knuja za twoimi plecami to tylko znaczy ze ich wyprzedziles…

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