Hello! Welcome to the world of noise, clutter, grudges, tears and sweat. Dreams of a holy calm and short moments of relaxation over coffee. Welcome to a real home. Far from ideal and perfect in its imperfection. This is where friendship is always a step behind motherhood and a coffee mug is always fighting for its place with a plastic toy cup on a coffee table. It is here that dreams of a happy family in a beautiful house with a garden collide with an unpredictable reality. The crown doesn’t fall because we hold it quite often.


Mother of Dominic (Dominik) and Veronica (Weronika). “Mother controlling “ –  the one who keeps the control at home. A demanding wife and loving mother. A good daughter, granddaughter and good friend. She used to be one of those people who could live without a telephone. Seldom had it with her so rarely answered calls. Today she’s in charge on our Instagram, so she doesn’t take a step without her cellphone! She is still a harmony lover in mind and relationships.




Mother of Natalia, Emil and Maciek. “A mad mom.” An exemplary wife and a fit mommy. Used to be a little hyperactive, today she is more easy-going and a silence-lover. Still unfulfilled artist. One passionate about cooking and baking. An admirer of order on life and at home. Though not anymore a mother of toddlers, she can’t come to terms with the fact that her kids have grown up and don’t need her to be their permanent companion, as she used to be.



We share boundless love for our children. The fact that we are arranging our own lives in our own way means we are very non ideal. Certainly others have more to say about it because errors are always better seen from the outside.

Now seriously:

If you are reading our blog you probably feel that others seem to know how to raise your children better than you do. Maybe as much as we do, you think that children don’t take away our femininity nor expect us to look and behave like super nannies. You need support and understanding for your imperfections.  It could also mean that your great friend gave you a wonderful gift in the form of the link to this page. Maybe you both love female meetings with your black coffee?

We would love to invite you to our world in which inner wisdom wins with imposed stupidity. Intuition wins “because you have to” and where comfort wins with terrible correctness. We do not encourage you to build your life our way. We’re not trying to convince you that we’re better at bringing up children than you. We show here that each of us in specific situations may act differently but we always do it right. Because we OURSELVES decide IT. Our intention is to bring a smile to your face, convince you it’s worth living and raising children your own way. You are not a bad mother, wife, lover, daughter, granddaughter, daughter in law, neighbor, sister in law, employee, client, or even parishioner. You are the owner of the most beautiful name, MOM. Wear it proudly and IN YOUR WAY. All events in our current life have gradually led to the creation of this blog. Everything happens for a reason. The fact that we met at a school where one of us (Olka) was a teacher and the other (Ewka) was a student. That our husbands had been gaining experience in male-female contacts long before we met them. The fact that we gave birth to our children and struggled to get back into form and back to work. All have contributed to our present life and where we are today with our blog. It’s been three years now since it became our diary, our guidebook, and our therapist.

Photographies by Anna Rzemieniecka – Gawęda

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